Chapter Membership

Being a member of the Santa Clara University chapter of Society of Women Engineers is immensely rewarding! To become a member, look for us at the fall student involvement fair and sign up to receive emails. If you miss us there, just come to one of our general meetings on Thursdays of even weeks at 8:00pm.

National Membership

Being a national member is highly recommended by our SWE chapter. Not only does it allow you to access all of the official resources from SWE, but it allows you to participate in certain special events our club participates in (conferences, trainings, webinars). Becoming a national member also puts you on SWE’s official roster, and it is required that a certain percentage of our chapter members become national members. If you choose to sign up for the Collegiate to Career membership you get membership for every year you’re in school and your first year as a professional, all at a steep discount.To become a national member, sign up here:

Become a Member