Meet the officers for 2020-2021!

Leila Scola


Computer Engineering ’21

Uma Bahl

Vice-President SWE Relations

Computer Engineering ’22

Angelus McNally

Vice-President Conference and Budget

Computer Engineering ’22

Lindsey Pesqueira


Computer Science ’22

Rania Ansari

Public Relations

Computer Science ’23

Julia Lieberman

Corporate Relations

Computer Science ’21

Kendall Defelippi

Professional Development

Bioengineering ’22

Nanki Sekhon


Computer Engineering ’23

Julia Yaklich

Outreach Chair

Mechanical Engineering ’23

Taryn Chisholm

Outreach Chair

Civil Engineering ’23

Nidusha Eknath Kannan

Event Coordinator

Computer Engineering ’22

Zena Fasheh

Event Coordinator

Bioengineering ’23

Isabel Andaya

First Year Rep

Civil Engineering ’24

Neena Ekanathan

First Year Rep

Computer Engineering ’24

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