SWE++ is a nine-week program to introduce middle school girls to coding. The student-led SWE++ team teaches coding skills through lessons, projects, and homework that promote standard coding practices. Along with coding skills, the team encourages middle school students to creatively express themselves. The SWE++ program begins with Scratch and progresses to Python. To create an effective experience for each student, a committee of SCU students meet to plan and organize each weekly session for the middle school girls. To learn about all of the committee positions, checkout this list. Stay tuned for more information about volunteering opportunities and the application process for the SWE++ committee. Email scu.swe.plus@gmail.com with any questions you have about SWE++!

“Thank you so much for making SWE++ such a great and fun environment to learn coding in!”

– Middle School SWE++ Student

“I wanted to send you a note to thank you for all of the time and attention that you gave my daughter, who now has a renewed interest in coding. Please know that you have inspired her to take more coding classes and sparked her interest into exploring a career in the technology field. As an educator, I know how important it is to have role models who provide visual proof that women belong in the STEM world. Thank you for being those role models and for making my daughter feel included, empowered and excited about learning.”

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